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Who are we?

Scientific committee

Steering committee

Project Management

Anne Delaballe, Guillaume Mandil, Coline Byczek


William Bernaud, Françoise Berthoud, Grégoire Chambaz, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, Bertrand Guillaume, Sander Van Der Leeuw, Pierre-Yves Longaretti, Emmanuel Prados, Julie Riegel, Benoit Schmaltz, Peter Sturm, Laurent Testot, Bert De Vries


For any question, please contact us by email at contact[at]anthropocenefacts.org.

If you have any question about the spring school, organizers are available here.


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Institutional and legal aspects

The project aims to be institutionalized in a dedicated and independent structure in order to ensure the perpetuation, updating and dissemination of the contents produced. To this end, the steering committee has chosen the creation of a foundation under Swiss law. The reasons for this choice are based on the advantages of the legal structure under Swiss law in terms of the protection and perpetuation of project’s objectives and the content produced. As the process of creating a foundation under Swiss law is long and costly, an association for the creation of the foundation is currently carrying the project.